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chool of Economics and Management, and Facebook.The 200

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attendees from many fields▓ of expertise get insights into Silicon Valley's latest innovations and entrepreneurial practices.Moreover, they must come up with their own business i▓deas and form a team of five to develop a

business plan.The five members play the role of chief executive officer, chief marketing officer, chief design officer, chief brand ▓officer and chief technology officer. Each team will▓ make their final

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Engineering have an id

presentations and give ▓project demos at the end of the course.Zhang has never studied business before."My p▓roje

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  • evera▓l patents, but the stud
  • ents had no clue how to get it
  • on the market."It turned out that a s
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he says. "Through this ▓course, I am expecting to figure out how we can commercialize scientific achievements and the whole

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of it. I also want ▓to learn how to protect our i ntellectu▓al pr operty as a startup," sa ys Zhang, a biom echanics major.Now s he is taking a n entreprene urship course at Tsinghua's Be ijing campus.The two-credit elective c ourse-I▓nnovation and Entrepreneu rship: Sil▓ icon Valley Insi ght-was jointly la un▓ched by Ts inghua's S 甘肃5G 五寨县5G 海南wap 叙永县5G 穆棱市5G 济源市wap 建阳市5G 桐庐县wap 微山县wap 从化市wap 阜宁县wap 陵川县wap 东丽区5G 江安县wap 科尔沁左翼后旗wap 梁平县5G 湖口县5G 象山县5G 孙吴县wap 鄢陵县5G 中变传奇私服开服表 最新单职业传奇私服网站新开网 想开传奇私服找谁 今天新开一秒传奇私服 1.85玉兔传奇私服网 开传奇私服怎么赚钱 复古传奇私服1.76 传奇私服架设一条龙 微端传奇私服 传奇私服地图补丁